Reimagine Team Selector

About Predictal

Predictal is a community-based web site that connects sports fans from all over the world to share and directly challenge their knowledge about sports prediction in a challenging and safe environment.

Predictal aims to democratize the process of sports prediction through peer challenge, quantitative prediction data, group collaboration, and cumulative collective learning. Our value proposition is a unique concept called Open Prediction. Open Prediction in sports is what Open Source is in software. In this context, Open Prediction operates on the premise that the source of predictions will always be accessible to sport fans so that their data can be enhanced and transformed into ever more challenging predictions as many peers participate in the process. As a result, community members decide which version of predictions to choose in order to risk their awarded points in challenges. Other systems only allow fans to pick pre-defined picks (or odds). The second aspect of the Open Prediction is to enable sport fans to predict every aspect of a sport match with their like-minded peers in person-to-person challenges. More on this later.

Additionally, Predictal will empower sport fans to create and manage real tournaments online using Predictal's do-it-yourself (DIY) tournament management system and tools (TMS). Likewise, they can manage leagues through our league management system (LMS). For example, as soon as a user sets up a tournament or a local league, the system will prediction enable the league. The TMS and LMS platforms will empower sport operators at the grass-root level to engage their private fans in an Open Prediction social network out of the box.

The present Web site is in the beta state in that we have enabled the functionality of the Team Selector module for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament. After the World Cup is over, we shall enable the English Premier League for season 2022-23.